Vision and Strategy


The vision for information technology engagement at Columbian College is to position IT as a strategic and value-adding catalyst for advancing and promoting the academic, research, and administrative profile and operations of the College.  The College’s technology services group aims to accomplish such engagement through the following:

  • Supporting daily workflows of all College constituents by means of an effective, efficient, and customer-focused technology support center.
  • Enabling innovative instructional practices by means of technology-enhanced classroom spaces.
  • Supporting and encouraging academic engagement through access to field-of-study specialized hardware and software.
  • Promoting visible scholarship and grant proposals by means of a centralized, baseline technology infrastructure.
  • Enhancing program offerings with high-quality distance learning and on-line collaboration environments.
  • Enabling excellent customer service and innovative problem solving by hiring and developing talented IT professionals and providing the necessary technology tools and resources

Strategic Goals and Imperatives

OTS aligns itself with the College’s goals, targeting its efforts on enhancing the College’s technology engagements with students, faculty, research projects, staff, and academic programs. OTS operates and plans under the following strategic goals and imperatives:

  • Develop, Enhance, and Maintain Customer-Centric Technology Services and Support Service
  • Consider Technology Investments in Terms of Alignment, Agility, and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Pursue Continuous Innovation,  Balanced with Stability
  • Foster Continuous Development of OTS Staff by Means of Human Resource Excellence
  • Demonstrate Technology Management Leadership