In order for us to provide our constituents with the highest level of support, we require all hardware and software technology purchases to be made in consultation with one of our staff members.  Purchasing through OTS has many benefits, including University-negotiated pricing, comprehensive warranties, guaranteed compatibility with existing equipment, and configurations approved to operate within policy on GW's network.  For the full IT Procurement Policy, click here.  OTS administers and exercises service and purchase contract agreements on behalf of the Columbian College with Dell, Apple, and CDW-G.

Procurement requests and inquiries may be sent to [email protected].  Typically within one business day, an OTS staff member will contact you to confirm the request and verify any additional information including the funding source.  Purchases will be charged directly to the six-digit Banner index you provide and may be split between multiple funding sources upon request.

For simple peripheral purchases, items will be shipped directly to your office and installed by an OTS staff member upon receipt.  For desktop computers and laptops, items will be shipped directly to OTS for initial software installation and configuration.  Once the initial installation and configuration are complete, an OTS technician will schedule a time for pick-up (laptops) or installation (desktops).

Purchase Request Submission Details

To submit a purchase request to OTS, please e-mail [email protected] with the following details:

  • Purchase Type:  Computer (desktop/laptop), Printer, Peripheral (monitor, scanner, etc), or Other
  • Configuration:  Standard, Enhanced, or Custom (click here for standard hardware configurations and prices)
    • If custom, please specify the following, or attach a Dell or Apple configuration to the e-mail message:
      • Computer Manufacturer and Model
      • Processor Type and Speed
      • RAM Size in GB
      • Hard Drive Type, Size, and Quantity
        • SATA, SAS, SSD and size in GB or TB.
        • Indicate if multiple hard drives are desired.
      • Video Card Type and Memory Size
      • Optical Drive Type
        • DVD reader, DVD burner, no optical drive.
      • Special Warranty Requests
        • Accidental damage and/or extended 4 or 5-year coverage.  3-year warranties are included by default.
      • Operating System
        • Microsoft Windows 10, Apple MacOS Sierra, Ubuntu, CentOS, and dual-boot (specify each OS).
      • Specialized Software
        • All base Windows 10 and MacOS images include Adobe Acrobat XI and Microsoft Office 2016 Enterprise, any of the college-license software listed here may be requested to be installed prior to delivery.
  • Quantity
  • Budget/Not-to-Exceed Dollar Amount, or Price Quote Request
    • We will send a price quote for approval prior to purchasing unless explicit pre-approval is made clear in the initial e-mail request specifying a not-to-exceed dollar amount.
  • Funding Source
    • Often referred to as a Banner Index or Oracle Alias, this six digit number provides a cost center for OTS to allocate charges to.  If you are using sponsored funds and are unsure of the funding source details, please provide contact information for your post-award grant coordinator.
  • Delivery Location
    • On-campus building and room number, or off-campus address.
  • Delivery Contact
    • A phone number and e-mail address of the individual who will be receiving the procured goods.

(If you are not sure or need help with configuration items, just let us know in the e-mail!)