The Columbian College's Office of Technology Services was created in the fall of 2008 as part of the College's focus on growing and enhancing its instruction and research endeavors.  Prior to OTS, the College funded a limited technical support office with junior level staff focused solely on "break-fix" services in line with the Division of IT's Local Support Partner Program.  The College's faculty and administration acknowledged longstanding gaps between the technical services provided and what was needed to support present and future research and instructional needs and invested in both people and core infrastructure technologies.  Two of the most prominent OTS programs are the Cloud Infrastructure Program and the Colonial One High Performance Computing Initiative.  Most recently, OTS has worked diligently to complete the initial investment of the Classroom Audio/Visual Program, providing a high-tech classroom in each Columbian College academic department's seminar room.  Over the years, OTS has developed a reputation for excellence in customer service and innovation in the design and delivery of specialized technology services for the academic, research, and instructional needs of the College.  Today, OTS is a leader among school IT units and works collaboratively with all other IT units at GW to promote and advance the University's mission.

Notable OTS Accomplishments

Art Lab Refresh
AGEC 1.0 Counseling Center Observation System

Cloud Infrastructure Deployment and Devleopment

Cloud Enters Production
SMPA xSAN Video Asset Management System
JAMF Implemented
AGEC 2.0
Classroom AV Program
Cloud BU-BC-DR
MDT Imaging
Pre-Cloud Systems
Geography SAL Refresh
Colonial One HPC
Classroom AV Program
Art Lab Refresh
Foggy Bottom Counseling Center Observation System