Hardware Standards

OTS maintains hardware standards to support the academic and instructional needs of the Columbian College. CCAS operates on standardized Dell and Apple hardware due to University agreements which provide discounted pricing and guaranteed support levels.  OTS will purchase and support any Apple device, and most computers in the Dell Optiplex, Precision, and Latitude lines; this page lists sample configurations for these models along with upgrade options and price guidelines.

If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase for your department or program, please visit the OTS Self-Service Portal or click the button below:


A Note on Pricing

Apple and Dell occasionally change the prices of internal hardware components due to market forces. The prices listed on this page are a general guideline for purchasing and do not represent guarantees of final price or availability. 

OTS Procurement Standards

OTS strives to ensure that all computers purchased within the Columbian College remain operational and useful throughout their three-year lifecycle. To this end, we only purchase professional grade machines, including all Apple devices and the Dell Optiplex, Precision, and Latitude lines. OTS procurement policy prohibits the purchase of consumer grade computers under most circumstances. 

To ensure the longevity of Columbian College devices, OTS has established minimum hardware guidelines, which include:

  • A 256GB solid state hard drive (SSD)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • An Intel Core i5 processor

Due to these requirements, equipment purchased through our office may be more expensive than the consumer grade electronics advertised by most retailers. In our experience, the cost of purchasing professional grade hardware is worth the extra years of usable life when compared to a consumer grade product. Consumer grade electronics (which tend to break more frequently than commercial products) often incur substantial maintenance and repair costs which make them less cost effective than their commercial alternatives.