Faculty Workstation Initiative 2018


FWI provides all eligible (regular full-time tenured, tenure-track, or contract) faculty members with a new computer every three years for office and instructional use. The FWI program was not, and is still not, intended to provide comprehensive computational support for faculty research programs. However, many faculty utilize their FWI workstation as an integral tool to support their work at the University.

For FWI 2018, OTS is offering two levels of workstations: Standard and Enhanced. Standard workstations include the Apple MacBook Air, Apple iMac, Dell Latitude 7490, and Dell OptiPlex 7450 All-In-One. Enhanced workstations include the Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iMac, Dell Latitude E7490, and the Dell OptiPlex 7450 All-In-One.

To view the workstation options, please visit: go.gwu.edu/fwi2018


Please note: The higher performance of the enhanced models comes at a higher cost for the device. Therefore, you must include a justification for the request and all requests must be approved by your department chair and by an OTS staff member. There are a limited number of enhanced workstations available. If your request is approved, you will not be notified. If your request is declined, you will be notified and your selection will be automatically downgraded to the standard equivalent.

Buyback Options

There are important changes to the FWI buyback policies for FWI 2018. Please read this section carefully. Faculty members have three options for FWI 2015 workstations:

  1. Return - Machines that faculty elect to return will be collected during the FWI installation appointments. Please note that OTS will not complete delivery of new workstations without picking up machines marked as “Return".
  2. Departmental Purchase - Departmental purchases require the department's banner index to allocate the charge. The department will not be charged without prior approval from the department chair. The FWI 2015 computers will be re-imaged with Windows 10 Enterprise, or MacOS Sierra, and bound to the Columbian College Cloud. Support will be provided by OTS on a best effort basis as the machine warranty has expired.
  3. Personal Purchase - The computer is bought from GW to be used solely for personal use. No software is left on the machine and it must be wiped in order to transfer the asset. MacOS can be obtained for free from Apple, while Microsoft Windows must be purchased on your own. Personally purchased machines will NOT receive any support from OTS or GW going forward and should not be used for professional GW-related work.

Device Buyback Prices:

Device Personal Buyback Price (Non-GW) Department Buyback Price
Dell Workstations $400 $500
Apple Workstations $600 $700


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