Classrooms & Labs

OTS designs, supports, and maintains classroom A/V systems and instructional computer labs that are physically located in Columbian College department spaces.

Instructional Computer Labs

Instructional labs within Columbian are specific to individual departments and the unique needs of their subject area.  Physical access and workstation access policies are determined by individual departments.  Academic Technologies supports and maintains general computer lab space that is accessible by all students, faculty, and staff.

OTS currently supports and maintains the following computer labs (listed by department):

  • Anthropology
    • Discourse Lab, Old Main
  • Corcoran School of Art & Design
    • Lab A
    • Lab B
    • Lab C
    • Student Lounge
    • Lab 9-3
    • Lab 9-1
    • Lab 9-4
  • Fine Arts/Art History
    • Digital Media and Imaging Lab, Smith Hall 405
    • Digital Video Editing Lab, Smith Hall 2A03
    • Graduate Lab, Smith Hall 2A01
    • Digital Fabrication Lab, Smith Hall 2A04
  • Geography
    • Spatial Analysis Lab, Old Main 233
  • Interior Architecture and Design
    • Digital Design Lab, Academic Building 118
  • Language Center
    • Language Lab, Phillips Hall 211
  • School of Media Public Affairs
    • Journalism Lab, MPA B01
    • Digital Video Editing Lab, MPA 510
    • Digital Video Editing Lab, MPA 516
    • Digital Video Editing Lab, MPA 522
    • Digital Video Editing Lab, MPA 525
    • Digital Video Editing Lab, MPA 525A